How Can You Check the Background of Your NRI Groom or Bride?

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Background Verification of NRI Groom or Bride

It is usually seen in a number of cases that there are two most-common types of disputes related to NRI marriages now-a-days.

  • In situations where the NRI groom gets married to an Indian girl, demands and takes dowry, and thereafter goes back to his foreign residence leaving behind his lawfully wedded wife in India.
  • In situations where both the groom as well as the bride being Indian citizens are married abroad. After getting married, they develop issues like having an extra-marital affair, harassment, or emotional or physical violence. Consequently, either the husband or the wife approaches the local police and also files a suit in the Indian court.

To avoid facing such NRI matrimonial issues, it is best to verify the background of the would-be partner before getting married. You can verify his/her background through a network of friends, neighbours or family, both in India as well as the foreign country.

Verify the status of the NRI as depicted, particularly in relation to the below-mentioned points:

  1. Check his/her marital status: whether already married, single, separated or divorced
  2. Check his/her current employment, previous job history, educational history, salary drawn, address details of the current workplace, employers and their credentials
  3. Verify the immigration information – visa type, eligibility to take the spouse along after marriage
  4. Financial background
  5. Criminal record, in case any
  6. Family background check

Ask for the copy of the following documents from the NRI and make sure to keep one copy with you and your parents:

  1. Passport and Visa
  2. Adhaar Card or Voter Card
  3. Address proof of the foreign residence
  4. Tax returns of the last 3-4 years
  5. Social Security Number

In case if you are unable to verify any of the information with the help of your network of friends, family or neighbours, you can also seek help from local Indian organizations/NGOs etc. in the country where the NRI is living. Such organizations can help you in verifying the authenticity of the information and documents provided by the NRI fiancé.

Always keep in mind the following don’ts with regards to NRI marriages:

  1. Do not trust any agency, middleman or marriage bureau blindly.
  2. Under no circumstances, give consent to forging any papers or entering into fake transaction for any reason.
  3. Do not be a prey to false schemes guaranteeing migration to another country or assuring the green card through marriage.
  4. Do not agree to get married in a secret manner. Always marry according to all the rituals.
  5. Do not give consent to the marriage if the other party is asking for marriage ceremony to be held in a foreign country.

Other important things to take care of:

  1. Very often people finalize the marriage over the phone only. Do not make this mistake. It is important to meet the person and his /her family in person and then discuss the details.
  2. Do not finalize things secretively. Marriage is an auspicious ceremony and there is nothing that you need to hide. So, it is advisable to let everyone know to whom you are marrying.

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