How Can an NRI Get Birth Certificate – NABC in India?

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A complete procedure to get NABC in India

The proof of birth plays a critical role when it comes to getting through official documentation of any type. Without proof of birth, getting a passport or visa can be challenging. A lot of Indians have to go through several legal formalities in order to get it. And inadequate knowledge or ignorance can further make this process a nightmare.

Legally, the birth must be registered within a time period of 21 days in India. And the majority of us find success in getting one within this designated time. However, there may be instances where a birth certificate gets lost for many reasons like lost during house shifting, fire or some other reasons. People tend to ignore the significance of this document and realize their ignorance when their passport application or visa is denied on account of no proof of birth.

What are the steps you can take at that moment? How to get unregistered birth after 20-35 years? If you too are facing this problem, read this blog as it provides answers to all your queries regarding birth registration.

Getting a birth certificate from municipal office in India is a cumbersome task for a lot of us. The registrar of civil agency turns down the application. However, this is not something you need to be perturbed about. It can be taken care of by getting an NABC, standing for non-availability of the birth certificate.

Let’s Understand NABC in Detail:

NABC is a legal document stating that the search has been conducted to find proof of birth of a specific individual under Section 17 of Registration of Birth & Death Act. However, the evidence of the original proof of birth could not be traced.
You can use this document as a license to get a new birth certificate. While there would be some authorities who may acknowledge it in place of the birth certificate, but there would be some who won’t.

Get detailed insights with the help of this infographic :

Know How to get NABC in India

The Significance of Applying NABC in India:

The designated authority to issue an NABC in India is the Municipal Corporation (MC). If it is a rural area and there isn’t any such authority, you can get it from the vaccination center. The authority of issuing NABC document remains with the head of Para-medical staff. This document can then be used to register the unregistered birth.

There can be instances when it would not make sense to reach out to any of these authorities, such as in situations:

• When the person was born in jail
• When the person took birth in a vehicle
• When the person was born at home
• When the person’s birth occurred at a public place

In all of the situations mentioned above, an individual can visit the closest MC office where the birth took place for withdrawing his/her Non-availability of Birth Certificate. As a proof, the person must have the letter of jail or incharge (in case of the vehicle). If the person’s place of birth was his/her home, a letter must be given by the head of the family along with two other witnesses who were at least ten years old at the time of the birth. These witnesses can be people who are your friends, family members or relatives. If the birth occurred in a vehicle, then he/she must apply for the NABC in the registration area where the vehicle first halted after delivery.

Checklist of Documents for Withdrawing NABC:

• School certificate
• Affidavit
• PAN Card
• Driving License
• Voter Card
• Aadhaar Card
• Ration Card
• Letter from the Witnesses
• ID
• Proof of Parents

The Process of Applying for NABC:

1. Direct Method: It is an old yet sought-after procedure to withdraw proof of birth. You need to visit your nearby MC office and make a request to the Registrar or the Health officer. The registrar would give you a printed application form that needs to be filled by you or he/she may issue an affidavit on a letterhead.

2. Online Method: This method makes it a lot easier for withdrawing the NABC and it also will save you time and money. Browse the website of the MC of your state. To access their web services, you are required to register. To do so, you need a voter card or Aadhar card. Once the registration is complete, you can access online services. Look for a form titled “Issuance of delayed birth order” and download it. Fill out the details required in that form and upload scanned copies of supporting documents (identity proof, address proof and proof of birth). Once submitted all the required information and documents, you would be asked to pay online as the fee for withdrawing NABC. Keep the receipt number with you for future reference after successfully submitting the online application. It usually takes a week or a month for the officials to validate your information and provide you the NABC.

Is it Possible to Get a Birth Certificate for Passport Using NABC?

Passport authorities only approve an original proof of birth document. As soon as you get NABC, you can apply for the original birth certificate from the Municipal Corporation. The MC validates the originality of the supporting papers, such as address and birth proofs. After verifying, the birth certificate is issued.

Withdrawing an NABC can be challenging for NRIs as it involves administrative tasks, which are time-consuming. But, no problem! Let us at NRI Legal World assist you in getting the NABC on time and with no hassle. To learn more about our legal and administrative services for NRIs, feel free to contact us at +91 85-85-85-71-71 or email at

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