Sell Inherited Property India

How Can an NRI Sell Inherited Property in India?

Selling or purchasing a property is not as simple as it sounds Things can turn out to be...

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NRIs Invest in Indian Real Estate

Why Should NRIs Invest in Indian Real Estate?

Investing in India’s real estate is considered as one of the most lucrative investment...

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divorce lawyers for NRIs

Disputes in NRI Marriages – How to Handle?

A marriage is a forever union based on trust and love and the promise to be the best...

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Tenant Screening in India – Infographic !

Tenant Screening in India – Infographic !

Laws related to tenants and landlords have been highlighted in a number of NRI disputes...

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How NRIs can protect their Indian property from illegal possession.

How NRIs Can Protect their Indian Property from Illegal Possession?

Many NRIs across the world face illegal possessions of their property (mainly unattended...

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Rogue NRI hubbies may lose Properties

Rogue NRI Hubbies May Lose Their Properties

WCD minister Maneka Gandhi said that Govt of India considers crucial changes in criminal...

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