Rogue NRI Hubbies May Lose Their Properties

POSTED BY: NRI Legal World | 14 February - 2018

Rogue NRI hubbies may lose Properties

WCD minister Maneka Gandhi said that Govt. of India considers crucial changes in criminal law, which may allow confiscation of the property of NRI men who desert their wives and do not respond to notices issued to them. The WCD ministry is also writing to the Union home ministry to increase the time limit for reporting cases of child sexual abuse and molestation. WCD secretary Rakesh Srivastva said that the ministry has sought a change in the Code of Criminal Procedure that will notify any summon hosted on the website of ministry of external affairs. He further added that if a person does not appear after three such notices, will be assumed and treated as an absconder, and enforcement agencies will be authorized to attach property of such persons and even their families. WCD secretary concluded by saying, “the change in law will ensure that the person appears before law enforcement agencies”.

Maneka Gandhi proclaimed that WCD ministry is writing to MHA to amend the section 473 of the CrPC that will enable the court to take notice of an offense after the period of limitation has expired. As per the statute of limitations, statutory time limit for reporting in the case of molestation is three years and there is no such limitation while reporting rape cases.

By : NRI Legal World

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