Laws for Indian Married Women

Know Your Rights – Laws for Indian Married Women

A large number of married women try to escape from a broken marriage Women don’t take...

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Tenant Eviction in India

How Can an NRI Landlord Evict His/Her Tenant in India?

According to the Indian rental laws, the rights of a landlord in India permit the...

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Widow’s Property Rights in India

Here’s What You Should Know About Widow’s Property Rights in India

Since a very long time, women and their needs have been ignored in this male-dominant...

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7 Legal Rights in India for Married Woman !

7 Legal Rights in India that a Married Woman Must Know!

In India, marriage is regarded as a sacred institution that not just binds two souls but...

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Background Verification of NRI Groom or Bride

How Can You Check the Background of Your NRI Groom or Bride?

It is usually seen in a number of cases that there are two most-common types of disputes...

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6 best investment option for NRIs to invest in India

6 best Investment options for NRIs planning to invest in India

Being an NRI, have you been trying to explore some good investment options You’ve come...

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